Fund your dream boat purchase with an affordable Loan

Many Finns have a boat as their first dream. The boat comes with a breeze of freedom for summer days and many dreams of sunny days outside and in the archipelago. What is your dream boat like?

Boat financing depends on a lot on what kind of boat is being targeted. A small day trip boat does not require a large investment and the used boat can already be financed with a smaller boat loan.

What is your dream boat like?

What is your dream boat like?

In contrast, the sailboat already has costs and even hundreds of thousands. Sure, it sails in the hopes of many boaters, but a basic boater can save for a long time or a boat loan can be worth a mortgage.

Boat financing should be considered according to the purpose of the boat. A giant boat loan is useless if the boat is only used infrequently and for short day trips. Of course, if you are dreaming of longer trips, you should invest a bit more in safety than comfort. The Personal Payday Loan is an affordable alternative to a boat loan, as its amount can easily be determined with an accuracy of $ 500.

Boat acquisition – take these into consideration

Boat acquisition - take these into consideration

There are a few simple things to keep in mind before purchasing a boat and when planning a budget for a potential boat loan. Boat financing should be planned from the point of use. The purpose determines the price class of the boat and its follow-up costs. Here are a few points to note:

Purpose: It’s a number one issue, since for a short and infrequent day trip it’s not worth getting a giant yacht. If the purpose is to enjoy the summer breeze in the archipelago from time to time, even a small boat will suffice and thus a small boat loan. The loan calculator can calculate the cost of a suitable boat loan.

For many people: Are there usually only a couple of boaters or is there always a whole family with family or a big group of friends? A small boat cannot withstand a large group of boating, so if you have more than one boat, you must buy a boat of that size. Boat size can increase the price level, so it must be taken into account when considering boat financing.

Sail or Motor: Buying a sail boat requires a bit more sailing skills from the buyer and is also a cheaper option than a basic motor boat. Sure, the gigantic powerboat is a big investment. Boat financing for these requires a great deal of effort, and purchasing cannot be undertaken on a light basis.

Used or New: Financing a used boat can be much cheaper than purchasing a brand new one. However, the buyer of a used boat should be aware that repair and maintenance costs may increase the cost of boating for a longer period of time. The first boat to use is a great purchase, when you may not yet be sure if your hobby will interest you and find the time.

Boat maintenance

Boat maintenance

Even boat maintenance can be a place for a boat loan. Maintenance costs must take into account the cost of maintaining the boat, as the boating season in Finland is very short.

When budgeting for boat storage costs, it may be a good idea to add the purchase price of any transportation trailer to your boat finance table. In addition to this, other possible accessories are worth considering.

The boat is also insurable, so boat insurance is worth comparing and competing with.

Other maintenance costs include:

  • Berths
  • Lifting and lowering the boat
  • Fuel
  • Maintenance and possible repairs

The Personal Payday Loan can also help with these costs. With the right amount, you can get all your boat financing right.

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