3rd Annual No.21 Cigar Lounge Auction

On May 15, 2022, No.21 Cigar Lounge held its 3rd auction for a selection of rare and exceptional collections, jars and boxes highly sought after by cigar lovers around the world. Bidders flocked from across the region to attend the first cigar event of the year in the Middle East.

“Our love for Cuban cigars still finds its way into number 21,” said event attendee and lounge member Mohammed Behbehani, as guests gathered around the live cello performance. He added “We are always looking forward to what Hussain (Salon owner Hussain Taha) brings to his auctions.”

“The pitches are awesome, the atmosphere so exciting, I can’t wait to get started,” said Yaser AlNaqi, another guest and long-time show member.
Host Hussain Taha started the evening processions welcoming the guests. He stressed the importance of the auction and the collections available for auction. He mentioned the late Simon Chase and his role in Cuban auctions. He then invited the auctioneer of the event, renowned and devoted leaf brother, Jasem Zeraie, to the podium.

An avid collector himself, Mr. Zeraie brought his considerable knowledge to the evening, commanding the hammer with justified authority, with his enthralling anecdotes and banter that left the audience completely engaged.
Bids came in from attendees and internationally through absentee bids, with the most prized lots getting the most attention. Bidders were visibly eager to secure their favorite lots, with an air of friendly competition prevailing.

Highlights of the evening:
Batch Name: Davidoff No.1 Cabinet of 50
Price Hammer: €12,400.00
Batch name: Juan Lopez Don Juan ER BeNeLux Cigar Humidor
Price Hammer: €8,000.00
Batch name: Selection Hoyo De Monterrey Cordon Rouge
Price Hammer: €10,000.00

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