Airline flight attendants flogging used tights and shoes at auction sites to raise additional funds


Female cabin crew at one of the UK’s busiest airports make money selling used tights online.

Second-hand hosiery sells for over £ 15 on eBay, with even staggered items being offered on the auction site.

Some flight attendants have posted pictures of themselves from the waist up to show the items for sale.

the Manchester Evening News spoke to a number of Manchester Airport employees who told us that flight attendants have been making the most of the demand for their killings for several years and for some it has become a regular source of additional income.

An airport employee said, “Lots of girls do it. Some use eBay and others use other sites to sell them. It is surprising how many people want to buy them. They aren’t particularly well paid, so a lot of them think “why not?” “”

A member of the cabin crew told us, “Everyone is doing it. You can also get around £ 50 for a pair of used shoes and tights.

“EBay removes the ads so people sometimes put their name and phone number instead. “

A current listing reads: “Used cabin crew uniform flight attendant tights. Condition is used. Worn for many air miles.”

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Another has a photo of a woman in a miniskirt wearing ladder tights, next to a photo of a British Airways Cabin crew badge as a means of proving position.

Another former Manchester crew member told us: “I’ve heard loads of crew talking about tights and shoes.

“Previously we had a crank that would inbox people through Facebook asking them to buy their old smelly crew shoes, but they had to have a heel.”

Old shoes seem to be just as popular as tights, the dirtier the better.

A live listing shows a pair of scuffed black leather shoes, described as ‘well traveled and showing signs of wear’ with a torn sockliner for £ 74.99.

eBay has cracked down on the sale of these items in recent years, but sellers will try to find loopholes in order to continue selling their wares.

An ad does not have a photo and just writes the full email address – “ugly cart cart outside look dot com” – in the item description.

A spokesperson for Manchester Airport said that since cabin crews are employed by airlines, it would not be relevant for them to comment.

A British Airways spokesperson said: “We expect the highest standards of behavior from all of our colleagues.”

An eBay spokesperson added: “For health and hygiene reasons, we do not allow the sale of used underwear on site. Any ad that is inappropriate or does not comply with our rules will be removed. “

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