Aston Barclay auction sites break sales records


Aston Barclay’s Prees Heath and Wakefield auctions both broke records as the UK used car industry had an exceptional start to the 2020 season.

JLR and retailer Volvo Hatfields Group celebrated for the first time the sale of £ 1million of used cars to Prees Heath, slashing 88 cars at an average of 100% Cap Clean.

This follows a decision by the dealership group to prepare its used cars to Grade 1 and 2 standards with the help of Aston Barclay’s remanufacturing services.

Hatfields has fully embraced the Aston Barclay digital platforms, including hosting a weekly “Live” online auction at Prees with any unsold or surplus stock being offered on the wholesale Aston Barclay e-Xchange platform.

It was just one group of dealers that helped the growth of e-Xchange, which has already sold a few hundred cars to sellers before they hit physical auctions, says Aston Barclay.

Paul Turner, Head of Remarketing at Hatfields, said: “Over the past six months we have actively upgraded our cars to a higher standard and the majority are now Grade 1 and 2. This means buyers can upgrade their cars. auctions in the marketplace quickly with less expense. , which contributed to an increase in sales.

“With consistent quality of cars on offer, the Aston Barclay team have built up a good buying base in the lobby and online every Friday.”

Meanwhile, Aston Barclay Wakefield celebrated its first anniversary by selling 316 used cars in a single fleet sale, including entries from LeasePlan (now marketed as CarNext), TCH, Zenith, Santander, Leasys, Vauxhall Finance, Liquid Fleet and The Car Buying Group.

The 18-acre Wakefield opened in early 2019 as Europe’s most advanced auction center and hosts 15 dealer and fleet auctions per month. It became the headquarters of Aston Barclay as it houses the group’s IT, accounting and HR teams as well as The Car Buying Group which now employs 50 people.

“The performance of our group and the used market in general has been very strong in January and February for the dealer and fleet sector, while the performance of Hatfield and Wakefield has strengthened,” explained Neil Hodson, CEO of Aston Barclay Group.

“The pent-up demand for used cars from consumers has resulted in tremendous pressure in the wholesale market for new stock. This demand is expected to continue through the March plate change and beyond. “

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