Auction sites that have come, gone and stayed


Auction sites and online marketplaces come and go, sometimes with breakneck speed. But I’ve never had such a good idea of ​​which market sites have done it and which haven’t like when I went to update a project that I had for several years, What I found out was that a lot of the sites were gone, but there were also several new ones that appeared to be in the process of doing so. I’ll share the results with you and then, okay, I’ll update the site.

Let’s start on a positive note. Who are the new arrivals?

Beginners: (Some have yet to be added to the site)
11Main (Alibaba owner: “The wait is over. We’re open.”)
peace love exchange (“Peace. Love. Exchange.”)
PoshMark (Based on the app)
Square Up Market (Square Market) (Video auction; or go to application)

Sites that came out:
Free sale
Hometown Auction
SquidBids (now redirects to an eBay page)
Tbaye auctions

Before we get to the sites that have lasted we come to a grouping that I have at the top of the page that I call “The Biggies.” I had them like eBay, Amazon, and Overstock. I was thinking of moving Etsy here, and maybe I would love to hear your opinions on what deserves or doesn’t deserve to be in “The Biggies”.

The fats :

Sites still present
Fire Art
Auction quests (“We have some stuff!”)
Bid4Assets “Jewelery auction”
Windfall (formerly Bonanzle)
Bidville (now heading to
QC output (“International online marketplace and auction community … we’ll help you ‘find’ a real bargain for you!”)
ePier (“The free market”)
Etsy How about moving that to “the big guys”?
haggle me (Seems to be just cars)
LabX (“Auctions and classifieds of scientific equipment”) (“Created for shopping fun”)
Main Street Mall Online (“pronounced Miz-Moh”)
Specialized auctions
Xoobie (“Australia’s Online Marketplace”)
(Note: some of the above must be added to the site).

Some missing:
While writing this blog, I became aware of some sites that I did not know or that I had not thought of before, in particular and

What else?
So, I’m sure some readers will let me know what’s missing and what they think needs to be added. I also have several other categories on the site that I will be updating as well, including Specialized sales sites such as abebooks and alibris; Antiques sites; Exchange / exchange sites: In connection with the auctions Newsletters, and more.

What surprises you that he leaves? Or what you didn’t realize was still there, or new? And of course, send me your suggestions on what you think should be added to [email protected], or post a comment here.

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