Beyonce-Zex ‘Lemonade’ Vinyl Mis-Pressings Posted on auction sites


UPDATE: It was only a matter of time.

As word spread on Monday about the snafu at a German pressing plant that resulted in an undisclosed number of vinyl copies of Beyonce’s “Lemonade” accidentally containing music by Canadian punk band Zex, people began to check their copies (or order new ones quickly). And of course, just hours after the stories, copies of the album started to hit the auction market.

The most ambitious salesperson posted their copy on late Tuesday for £ 1,000, although it was withdrawn at press time.

On eBay, two less optimistic sellers have put up for sale copies: UK seller put up for sale a copy for $ 674.77 (0 bid, despite the promise “Mine is the real copy that has gone viral worldwide”), while one in Belgium can be yours for only $ 227.60 (33 bids!).

In a complicated turn of history, Zex was pulled from his label, Magic Bullet Records, amid allegations of sexual assault shortly after the bad press broke, according to Fork; the group denied the charges.

The albums in question are yellow vinyl presses of Beyonce’s latest with the first five songs from Canadian punk band Zex’s latest album, “Uphill Battle”, on the A side, instead of the A side of “Lemonade”.

Asked about the rarity of the item, Discogs’ Jeffrey Smith said Variety, “Press / print issues aren’t entirely uncommon – for example, the 2LP release of Madonna’s’ Rebel Heart ‘which has a full face as’ Music From The Motion Picture’ Pulp Fiction ‘” with a copy for sale at 78 $. What is interesting is that the price increases seem to lean towards the more obscure artists, which plays in the true weak of the collector – for example “the story of somewhere” of Gorilla Biscuits: between 50 and 90 copies have the Warzone B-Side label because they ran labels at the factory, the median price here is $ 618.71 but one sold for as much as $ 1081.29. All that to say, it depends on the rarity of the badly pressed ‘Lemonade’. If it turns out to be a mass issue, then it could quickly increase in value. If it turns out that there are 40 to 50, it could skyrocket quickly, but then stabilize over time. It was not known at press time how many poorly printed copies of “Lemonade” had been made.

Beyonce’s label Columbia released a statement on Tuesday: “Due to human error at the Celebrate Records factory in Germany, which Sony uses to make vinyl, a small amount of the European series Beyoncé vinyl “Lemonade” has been included. music by Canadian punk band, ZEX, on the A side. Beyoncé and ZEX were not aware of or responsible for the bad press. Fans who purchased the vinyl will be refunded and will receive a replacement copy. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. “

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