Communithon 2021: Calling all business owners for auction items –

The Weyburn Communithon committee calls on all artisans, carpenters, artists, home businesses and retailers to participate in a mutually beneficial opportunity.

“We really need help bringing in some items that we can post online at our annual auction,” said Raven Daer, Communithon committee member. “We are simply asking that all donations be received by October 13, as this gives us some time for processing.”

She said the items can be dropped off at DSI contracting at 1530 First Avenue northwest of Weyburn.

“Without community donations, our annual online auction would be a failure,” she noted. “An incredible amount of funds are raised through this incredible fundraiser. We rely heavily on inbound donations to make sure our goal is met every year. We’ve been running this auction for two years now and are excited to see what items ride this year. “

Weyburn Communithon’s annual online auction will be held October 17-24.

“We are delighted to return to the Legion and share with all of you some of Weyburn’s best local talent and entertainment,” she said.

Daer encourages those who haven’t started following Weyburn Communithon on Facebook to consider doing so.

“We have a lot of feeding posts going on lately, just highlighting the 11 wonderful community agencies that all of these profits are going to go to support this year,” she said. “So it’s a great way to see where your donations are going, and the amazing work they all do in the community.”

Find them on Facebook HERE.

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