Delhi police arrest man for allegedly creating app for ‘online auction’ of Muslim women

the Delhi Police On Sunday, Aumkareshwar Thakur arrested, who allegedly created an app called “Sulli Deals” on which Muslim women were auctioned “online” last year, ANI reported. Thakur was arrested in the town of Indore in Madhya Pradesh and is being questioned by the police.

“Sulli” is a derogatory term used to refer to Muslim women. The “Sulli Deals” app was denounced on social media after targeting Muslim women in July. Delhi police had filed an initial information report on the case but had made no arrests in the six months since then.

Thakur is the first person to be arrested in this case. The 26-year-old resides in New York Township in Indore and has completed a bachelor’s degree in computer applications from the city’s Indore Academy of Professional Studies, according to PTI.

The city’s police chief, Harinarayanchari Mishra, told the news agency that Delhi police had yet to share any official information about it with Indore police. “We only learned from the media about the arrest of Thakur of Indore by the Delhi police,” Mishra said.

On Sunday, KPS Malhotra, the deputy police commissioner for intelligence fusion and strategic operations of the Delhi Police Special Cell, said Thakur was a member of a Twitter group that had been set up with the aim of online trolling of Muslim women, ANI reported. .

“He had developed the code on GitHub,” said Malhotra, according to PTI. “Access to GitHub was made with all the members of the group. He had shared the app on his Twitter account. The photos of the Muslim women were uploaded by members of the group.

Meanwhile, Thakur’s father Akhilesh Thakur claimed he knew nothing about the app and that his son was the victim of a set-up, PTI reported. He said that on Saturday afternoon two members of the Delhi police came to his home in civilian clothes and arrested Aumkareshvara Thakur.

Akhilesh Thakur said police took his son to Delhi by flight on Saturday evening. He added that he was in the nearby neighborhood of Ujjain when the police came to his home.

Online targeting of Muslim women

On January 1, a similar app called “Bulli Bai” – another derogatory term used to target Muslim women – emerged. Four people, including the alleged creator of this application, have been arrested in this case.

In both cases, images of hundreds of Muslim women were uploaded and posted to the apps and uploaded to the GitHub repository hosting service. Both apps were removed by the platform after outrage on social media.

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