Ferrari F40 BREAKS online auction record with £ 1 MILLION sale


Ferrari F40 F40 BLU breaks online auction record

A Ferrari F40, in a unique shade of blue and owned by an interweb influencer, sells for over £ 1million on the online auction site The Market.

As the automotive world moves online – massively first because of Covid, but now unstoppable – it’s not just new cars to be won with a click or three, with online auctions for cars used cars, and in particular classic cars, which exploded during the lockdown.

We’ve all been addicted to browsing The market and Vintage cars during the lockdown and, although The Market has been around since 2016, last year’s boom saw it being bought out by traditional Bonhams auctioneers.

This probably explains some of the high-end things that are popping up now, but whatever the reason, The Market just whipped up a blue Ferrari F40 for £ 1,000,500 – a record for an online auction in the UK (and in Europe).

The Ferrari in question has its own fan base, owned by “influencer” Sam Moores – creator of the Car Chat podcast – and with his own Instagram account, it was bought by him in 2014, rebuilt and repainted in blue and, with only 16k on the clock, Classiche certification and the “F40 BLU” license plate, has now found a new home thanks to The Market.

Something tells us that this drive won’t last long.

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