Government auction sites offer many options


AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – If you’re looking for a deal on a Christmas gift, you can find everything from artwork to diamond rings on government auction sites.

The items are all property that police have seized from criminals: heavy equipment, tax seizures, designer shoes – even cars.

The Internet has shifted excess sales from in-person sales to entirely online.

“Our goal has always been to get the most money for the seller, so how do we do that? We make it accessible to everyone we can, ”said auctioneer Rick Basinger. “About five years ago we started the process and in the last three years I don’t think I’ve done a live auction since.”

Basinger Auctions has been around for almost 30 years. Rick entered the family business right out of high school.

He said internet auctions brought in more money.

“We can reach people all the way to New York,” he said. “They come to buy old police cars to use them as taxis, which has allowed the municipality to obtain a better return on investment. We are getting more money for a vehicle than we ever would have got with a live auction. “

Austintown administrator Jim Davis said the online auctions are a victory for local governments, who keep the proceeds from these auctions.

“Increase yield, get more taxpayer money in your coffers,” he said. “When you’re faced with budget cuts, you need to save every penny you can. “

There are several websites where you can bid on items online:

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