Haaland NFT sells for £511,000 in online auction

A Sorare digital trading card of Borussia Dortmund striker Erling Haaland sold for £511,000 ($684,000) at an auction on Sunday night.

The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a unique super rare item that offers maximum points in the fantasy football company’s paid contests, meaning it will be used in gambling as well as serving as a collectible item.

Sorare is a fast-growing company currently valued at over £3bn – and has become one of the mainstays of the growing NFT landscape in football.

What does the Haaland card look like?

The Haaland NFT is intended to replicate actual trading cards, showing key player details such as number, age, position and nationality.

There is also the rarity level indicated in the upper left corner, which in this case is unique. Cards are also color coded based on rarity.

Haaland NFT

How is Sorare different from other NFT projects?

Unlike other initiatives that have gained popularity lately, such as John Terry’s controversial monkeys, Sorare focuses on the usability of its NFTs beyond just being a collectible. Cards can be entered into fantastic contests based on real player performance, and rarer items provide higher multipliers, theoretically helping users earn money on their investments.

This utility helped insulate Sorare from broader cryptocurrency trends, and CEO Nikolas Julia said GOAL that users often don’t think about the fact that they are even using crypto.

While cryptocurrency in general has fallen in recent months, Sorare’s market has seen marginal gains.

Sorare’s rapid growth

As a business, Sorare has been riding the rising tide of NFTs since the end of 2020, with Sunday’s massive sale of the Haaland article another example of his popularity and the trust users have in him as an enduring model. .

Last year Julia said GOAL that developing a mobile app and improving the user interface for entry-level players were his top priorities. He now says he’s pleased with the improvements in the latter category and added that an app will be released this fiscal quarter. Right now it is in beta testing.

Additionally, Sorare plans to expand beyond soccer to help gain a larger footprint in the United States, with two new sports slated to launch in 2022. The company has been aggressively hiring these months to prepare for this unveiling, and tennis icon Serena Williams has joined the team as an advisor.

Still, football is likely to remain at Sorare’s heart and soul for some time to come. It is, after all, the foundation from which he grew from one person to a multi-billion pound business.

It was a growth arc that attracted the biggest football leagues to participate, and these partnerships in turn added credibility to the project.

Bundesliga international CEO Robert Klein said GOAL“The Bundesliga has long held its position as a leader in sporting innovation; we are constantly looking to the future, focused on providing our global fan base with new experiences and new ways to engage with their favorite clubs and players.

“A key factor in choosing Sorare was their fantastic play, which has become popular around the world. The fact that the game places importance on building a team that not only includes securing world stars but also the search for exciting new talent, makes them a perfect choice for the Bundesliga. Sorare’s drive to innovate matches ours, and we are excited to introduce even more elements to the partnership in the near future. to come up.

Julia, meanwhile, said he was grateful for the “win-win” partnership that allowed licensed digital products to skyrocket in value on his platform.

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