HCPD auction event helps business owners and other residents with supply shortages


CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – As the old saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

Residents and business owners of the Grand Strand didn’t miss their chance to bid on unclaimed and abandoned items from the Horry County Police Department at an auction on Saturday.

Items in the auction varied, but included used car parts and vehicles potentially involved in previous crimes. Some vehicles even have bullet holes but are sold regardless.

It’s sort of a boon for some business owners in Horry County, who are currently battling supply shortages due to COVID-19.

“Come and get the best deals trying to make a profit and with COVID we need some kind of deal for the company to come back and roll it around,” said Walter Gibson.

Car dealership owners weren’t the only ones raising their hands to bid on items like used cars, bikes, and other home essentials to use for parts. Others have come looking for tools or other items for home improvement projects.

“I hope I get some stuff for the cat pen I’m trying to finish and some vinyl to protect what I’m building,” said John Coleman.

It may seem like unwanted to many, but with shortages across industries, business owners are taking advantage of all of these usable parts.

Tim West, who owns a local car dealership, was looking for vehicles at Saturday’s event. West bought four cars, including a black Chrysler 13e with a few bullet holes on it.

“Getting a clean enough car to look clean is a very popular ride,” he said of the Chrysler. “People like them. They had decent rides for what I saw.

West and many other small business owners are recycling in the hopes of staying afloat with their businesses.

During this time, a portion of the auction proceeds will go towards HCPD’s equipment budget. The auctioneers said all items sold out in just hours, raising nearly $ 150,000 on Saturday alone.

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