Melania Trump, ex-first lady of the United States, laughed after auction items failed to reach desired price

Former US first lady Melania Trump has drawn ridicule after her attempt to auction off at least three items failed to reach the expected price. The sale of a white hat on the outfit she wore for the popular outing of Game 4 of the World Series of baseball with her husband, former US President Donald Trump, did not go down well with the public. Just like her reaction when she wore it.

The auctions she had conducted online did not even reach their opening auction threshold, to say the least. The former First Lady had added extra colors to the non-fungible token paint (NFT) of her wide-brimmed hat, sold the hat herself, and made it creative with some animation.

Items Sold for Only 1,800 Solana Coins

Its offer as of Thursday, January 27 was just 1,800 Solana coins [cryptocurrency], the high-performance blockchain. She had put all three items up for sale earlier this month and had hoped to rake in around $250,000 for an opening bid. But by the time the auction ended, Melania Trump had just five total bids on the auction items, and sales hadn’t come close to the desired amount threshold for the past two weeks. .

The cryptocurrency was officially selected by Donald Trump, her husband and former Republican leader, who believed it was the only way for interested buyers to pay for Melania’s items, according to multiple reports. But the lack of interest from buyers, coupled with the fall in the cryptocurrency market, and the value of Solana [SOL] a symbolic fall to 20, 30 or even 40% had left his “Head of State Collection” unsold for the expected amount. Melania raised $170,000, which was $80,000 less than the set price, which some have called a result of the wildly fluctuating cryptocurrency market.

Twitter on Thursday exploded with memes and humor, some aimed at making jokes about the auction, others at ridiculing Melania for her failed attempts at business. “She’s fifty shades of nothing,” wrote one commenter. “Can we throw them on eBay for fifty cents?” another suggested. “Why did y’all let Melania’s hat auction fail like this?? Five whole bids and way below the minimum opening bid plus the crypto crash,” another joked.

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