Pieces of Shippensburg History Available at Online Auctions | Local News

A museum load of Shippensburg history, as well as primitive farm implements, are up for grabs in the coming weeks via the John M. Hess auction service. The online-only auction will feature the incredible, high-quality early collection from the farmhouse of Fred and Rose Dillner of Shippensburg.

Fred and Rose were both synonymous with Shippensburg history in many ways. Fred was a household name and a sought after person when it came to all things farming in Shippensburg. His passion for agriculture was born from his childhood on a small family farm in western Pennsylvania. He was an active leader in his high school FFA and later earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees at Penn State University in agriculture. He taught professional agriculture for 40 years in the state of Pennsylvania, after giving 34 years of service to the Shippensburg area school district where he also taught industrial arts.

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