Setting up an online auction fundraiser for a local woman diagnosed with cancer


“Thank you for helping us return some of the kindness Sheri has given to others,” Belding wrote.

The fundraiser will benefit the entire Meston family. She has a son who still lives at the home and Belding said the money raised will help ease the burden on Meston’s husband, who will now take all the financial burden.

“We’re just looking for a way to help him,” Belding said. “We’re just hoping to help them worry a little less about making ends meet, so she can focus on improving herself. For me it’s super important, that we can relieve her as much as possible and just help someone who wouldn’t hesitate to help someone else in the community.

While the auction has yet to begin, Belding is already more than thrilled and overwhelmed by the response from the community, as local businesses were quick to do their part with donations.

“It makes me want to cry tears of joy because it’s just overwhelming, love and support,” Belding said. “By the time they have finished reading the letter, they are determined and say yes, we will help them. It’s just wonderful and totally awesome, the response from local businesses. I think it speaks to Sheri as a person as well.

Belding would like to remind everyone that donations can still be made for the auction before it is over and everyone is welcome to participate in the two week event to support Meston.

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