TCHS is soliciting auction items for the next spring fundraiser


(KNSI) – Later this month, the Tri-County Humane Society will virtually host its annual Wine, Kibble and Bids fundraiser.

Online auction starts April 23 and ends April 30. TCHS Special Events Coordinator Angela Mundis said last year the fundraiser brought in $ 18,000 for the humanitarian society, and that these profits help TCHS pay for the animals’ medical needs, such as vaccinations. and sterilization.

Although the auction has not started, Mundis says one way people can help is to donate items to TCHS for auction.

“We’re kind of proud that our auction is very unique,” ​​Mundis said. “We have handmade pillows, we have had quilts in the past, garden chairs. We have already received jam baskets from people who work here at the shelter. We are looking for these unique items.

Mundis also suggests buying gift cards from local businesses and donating them to TCHS for auction.

“Just a $ 20, $ 25 gift certificate,” she says. “You help a small business by buying from them, then we as a nonprofit – you give us that gift – we usually end up getting a little more than the value of the gift card or the voucher- gift. So you’re basically helping two at once.


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