Township of Lower Paxton. sell 91.5 acres of land at an online auction; the lease of the paintball site will end

Lower Paxton Township auctions over 91 acres of land it owns.

The Wolfersberger Tract is located on Weinrich Street in the township and is zoned in the Neighborhood Design District, which provides for traditional neighborhood development with no commercial or mixed uses.

The township is selling the land to fund its parks revitalization project, according to township spokesperson Leigh Ann Urban. Over the next five years, the council plans to approve several large-scale improvements to the parks, she said. The township says the cost of these improvements will be covered by the sale of unused township land, grants as well as funds from the American Rescue Plan Act.

“When the Wolfersberger Tract was purchased by the township in 2000, the original intent was to redevelop the land and turn it into a park,” Urban said in an email. “A study has been done on the ground and it would cost more than 10 million dollars to make the necessary improvements. This money never became available and therefore the improvements never happened. Twenty years have passed, and the Board of Supervisors and Parks and Recreation Board have decided that it is in the township’s interest to sell the land and use the proceeds to improve the current park system.

A portion of the property is currently leased to Outdoor Xtreme Paintball, which uses 39 acres. The company has 14 paintball and airsoft fields. The property has been used for paintball for 30 years, according to a post on the company’s Facebook page. Outdoor Xtreme Paintball also has locations in Chesapeake City, Maryland and Hatfield, Pennsylvania. Once the sale is complete, the Township will notify Outdoor Xtreme Paintball of the end date of the lease. The owner of Outdoor Xtreme Paintball could not immediately be reached for comment.

The property is sold as is and is currently auctioned by Lane Ryan Auctions at The highest bid is currently $1.006 million. This offer arrived on February 22. The auction ends at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

“Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity,” the auction listing reads. “Properties like this are not often available!”

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