Tuesday, first online auction of abandoned vehicles

The first edition of the online auction of abandoned vehicles will be held on Tuesday via the Mzad Qatar app, Major General Ali Salman al-Mohannadi, head of the Joint Committee for the Removal of Abandoned Vehicles, announced.
He told local Arab daily Arrayah that photos of 50 vehicles that will initially be featured in the sale will be available on the app on Monday. Depending on the response from the public, the number of vehicles will be increased in later editions.
To participate in the bidding process, users must first download the app to their smart devices and log in, the official explained. They can click on Mzad live (auction) and search for the car they want by the sticker number of each car. Payment will be made by credit card and the user must register the payment information accordingly.
Participation in the auction is considered proof that the person has fully examined the vehicles for sale and accepts them as is, in addition to having acknowledged and accepted all other terms and conditions. Each bidder must pay the sum of insurance or guarantee for each vehicle, which must not exceed 5% of the value of the final offer, in addition to an administration fee of QR 500 and the price of the car once purchased.
Major General al-Mohannadi stressed that vehicles bought from online auctions should be removed by new owners from the foreclosure arena within 72 hours of purchase. In the absence of payment by the buyer of the full price of the vehicle within 48 hours, the vehicle will be offered for sale again and the deposit and the security deposit will be confiscated.
The manager recalled that in 2013 the only method to get rid of these vehicles was by tender, where the winning company would take them. Then, the committee opted for the diversification of options. The Ministry of Municipality has contracted with two companies to scrap some abandoned vehicles, and the number has increased from 10,000 to 12,000 to the current 20,000 to 25,000 vehicles per year.
Major General al-Mohannadi said an income of about QR 70 million has been generated from the disposal of abandoned vehicles so far. The committee recently started using Metrash2 to notify owners of abandoned vehicles by sending them a message to remove them within the defined grace period. Owners of 789 vehicles were warned in this way, in addition to the usual way of placing a warning sticker on the vehicle. He said that after using this method, around 50% of these vehicles were removed by their owners.


Those who want to get rid of their old vehicle should contact the Municipality Ministry on 184 instead of abandoning it on the roads, said Major General Ali Salman al-Mohannadi, head of the joint committee for the removal of vehicles. abandoned.
“While the vehicle will be picked up from the owner free of charge until May this year, the owner will then have to bring it back to the Al Mashaf yard,” the official told local Arab daily Arrayah.
The owner must sign a waiver of ownership of the vehicle concerned. On the other hand, if a vehicle abandoned on the road is removed by the committee, the owner will have to pay a fine of 1,500 QR.
“A legal amendment expected soon will increase this fine to QR 3,000, associated with the QID of the owner of the abandoned vehicle,” he said.
Abandoned vehicles removed by authorities can be recovered by owners within six months after paying a fine. Beyond six months, ownership of these vehicles will be legally transferred to the state, he added.

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