Unusual Police Auction Items


WINNIPEG – If you’re looking to expand your collection of spoons, want to try eight different types of saws, or just want to learn to play the guitar, the Winnipeg Police Department says their unclaimed merchandise auction has you covered. .

With 326 items available between April 7-14, in almost any category you can imagine, the popular annual Associated Auto Auction event would certainly attract a crowd if it weren’t live – only this year in due to COVID-19.

Each year brings a familiar variety of bikes, electronics and construction equipment, but this year the auction features a few unusual lots.

On the auction block are a beer tasting set, various LEGO playsets and assorted LEGO pieces, three vacuum sealers, three vehicle battery chargers. In addition, two sound mixing systems for the budding DJ are in the running, six electric toothbrushes and a trumpet.

This year’s clothing line includes seven pairs of matching shoes and eight packable parkas for next winter, including a slightly worn size L.

To bid during the auction, or take a look at some of the items to be won, you can visit the Associated Auto Auction website.

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