Want a Camaro? Cars and more in Alabama on government auction sites: Wake Up Call


A Camaro seized by authorities is just one of the offers available in Alabama.

Let’s say you have a lot of extra stuff around the house. What are you doing? You have a garage sale.

What if you are the federal government or a state agency and need to unload your excess items? In this case, you turn to online auction sites that help federal and state agencies sell their items.

There is a catch, however. Articles listed on websites such as govdeals.com, GSAauctions.gov or the treasure.gov often need to be picked up and you’re unlikely to be ready to head to Maine for a box of surplus military pants.

With that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to see some of the items the government is looking to unload near us. You can check out the entries in the photos above. My personal favorites are the SUV with the Air Force paint and, of course, all those used tires.

Tire swing anyone?

Welcome to Tuesday’s wake-up call. Here’s what’s going on:

Amazon takes a look at the NYT / Ted Cruz spat

The New York Times declined to put the memoirs of presidential candidate Ted Cruz on its bestseller list, saying its sales were boosted by “strategic wholesale buying.”

Now Amazon weighs, ssaying that there were no unusual bulk purchases of Cruz’s book, “A Time for Truth”.

The book is currently number 13 on Amazon. HarperCollins, the book’s publisher, said it had investigated allegations that sales were motivated by wholesale purchases and found no evidence that this was happening.

“A Time for Truth,” which was released on June 30, sold 11,854 copies in its first week – over 18 of the 20 titles on The Times bestseller list for the week ending The 4th of July.

Threats force the satanic statue inside

An 8 1/2 foot tall bronze statue of Satan will be unveiled in a secret Detroit location after protesters forced a change of location. The statue, which features an inverted pentagram and two children looking at a winged Satan with a goat’s head, was originally intended for a restaurant and entertainment complex.

The satanic temple that erects the statue said it had received threats regarding the planned unveiling. The group, which advocates separation of church and state, said they would like to move the statue to Arkansas next to a Ten Commandments monument.

Thousands of people attend Confederate Flag rally

Central Florida has become a rallying point for those who support the Confederate flag.

More than 2,000 people attended a rally last weekend in Ocala, Fla. supporting a Marion County decision to return the Confederate flag at an exhibit outside its government complex.

The rally was not without incident, however. Shots were fired during the event, but no one was injured.

The US military may or may not take control of Texas this week

They aren’t of course, but the controversial Jade Helm 15 military operation kicks off this week in Texas. The U.S. military has defended the event as just a routine exercise, but Texans – spurred on by social media – have expressed fears of something much darker.

Adding oil to this fire is a directive that journalists will not be allowed to integrate with one of the special operations troops participating in the exercise.

The exercise is scheduled for July 15 to September 15 and is expected to include more than 1,200 troops on private and public land.

Until tomorrow.

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