Woman Launches Online Auction With Artwork Created By Wildfire To Help Victim – Vernon News

Forest fire art for charity

A local woman so touched by what she saw after volunteering to help clean up after the forest fires in the northwest, she decided to do something to try and help.

“At one of the properties on Westside Road, the gentleman lost everything. His home and car repair business burned to a pile of ugly ash. We sifted through for four hours trying to find tools to to save because it is her livelihood “, Ruth says Young.

Young says there was very little that could be salvaged, but she noticed a lot of molten metal.

“One piece turned out to be very beautiful. It was already in the scrap heap and I asked if I could have it to try and sell it.”

Young says she hoped she could find a way to sell the art and donate the money to the man who lost everything and now lives in an old camper van on his property.

“I call the piece ‘Meltdown Art’ because of the artistic aspect of the wild horses, but also because it represents the firestorm of 2021. I think it could make a great Christmas story that our community would love support, ”Young said.

Patrick, who owns the property where “Meltdown Art” was forged by forest fires, was touched by the idea.

“He was heartened by the help he got with the Samaritan Purse disaster relief that helped sift through the ashes for anything of value… encouraging,” Young says.

Patrick tries to stay optimistic in the old motorhome he bought after the fires destroyed everything else on his property.

“If it could earn him even a little money, that would be incredible!”

Young has set up a silent auction for the auction on the large work of art, which measures 53 inches by 21 inches. She will accept offers by email to [email protected] until December 31.

“The highest bidder will be contacted on Jan. 1 and 100 percent of funds raised will go directly to Patrick to purchase new tools for his trade,” Young said.

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